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Exceptional Tutors has a fantastic record. This year alone we helped our students improve their mock GCSE grades from Cs to A*s, gain confidence in their subjects and achieve success in the CEM11+ entrance exams.


Want to know more? This is what our students (and their parents) have to say...

Exceptional Tutors

Motivating, engaging and goal focussed tutoring. Amy has a friendly personality and uses an array of strategies to keep my kids interested and engaged during lessons. She provides invaluable feedback and sets clear and bespoke goals for each session. I can't recommend her enough!


Elena (parent)

Exceptional Tutors


Before I started tuition I was nervous about my Science exam  but within a few sessions I felt more confident.

Nisansa (Year 11)
Exceptional Tutors

Amy is a good tutor because she makes learning fun and helps me at the same time. She makes the lessons interesting and really helps me with the subjects I struggle in. Amy helps you concentrate and behave while making learning fun.

Student (Year 9)

Exceptional Tutors

The best thing about my tutor is when I'm stuck she doesn't give me the answer, she helps me work it out instead.


Ellie (Year 8) 

Exceptional Tutors

Our daughter had been preparing for 11+ exam, but needed extra help with maths. We were deliberating the benefits of one-to -one tuition , when a friend recommended Amy as a tutor. Over the summer Amy helped our daughter to grow in confidence and build a very good base of key concepts and methods. Amy also encouraged our daughter to explain her answers and solutions in a way which revealed where the gaps in her mathematical knowledge and skills were.


Amy was always enthusiastic and generous with her time, which made the lessons so much more exciting and motivating. As a result our daughter faced the exam a lot more confident and assured in her abilities and passed with flying colours. We are extremely grateful to Amy for her hard work and dedication and would recommend her to anyone who feels their child needs extra help with maths.

Mr & Mrs Mallia (parents)

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