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Mental Math
The importance of mental maths  By Amy Burrell


It does not matter how old you are or what maths exams you are about to sit, your mental maths ability and speed are vital to your success! Maths, Science, IT, engineering, even going shopping you will use mental maths/ arithmetic. Throughout your academic career and for the rest of your life mental maths is everywhere but how good is your mental maths?


Tutoring can make a real difference to confidence and academic results. As a tutor one of the first things I do is assess learning style, learning preferences, reading level, and yes, mental arithmetic. The ability to perform accurate and fast mental maths increases your speed and accuracy in every test; it can be the difference between a pass or fail.


Mental Maths is a skill that needs to practiced regularly. 


When did you last practice this vital skill? I often challenge any family with a student Year 7 or above to increase their mental maths performance as a family, to compete with their children and make maths fun. Try completing Compare4Kids' Day 15 mental maths boot camp.


Will you accept the challenge?

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