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Are you part of a school or college?


Exceptional Tutors aims to supplement traditional learning to support teachers so that every student achieves their potential.


There are three main ways we work with educational institutes: Science demonstrations, expert lectures and intervention tutoring.

Intervention Tutoring
Intervention Tutoring
Science demonstrations by former scientists


You provide the apparatus - we provide the scientific expertise.


Science Demonstrations are a useful tool to engage students with otherwise difficult concepts.


Whether the students are reaching for an A* or a C we have former scientists and STEMNET ambassadors available to engage your class.



Expert Lectures

From a lecture on the effect of epigenetics in disease to Shakespeare's sonnets, sometimes an interactive lecture from an expert can engage your students and motivate them.


We also provide careers lectures, i.e. 'What can I do with a Chemistry degree?' from the perspective of former scientists who have worked in industry laboratories.

Intervention Tutoring
Intervention Tutoring

Our tutors aim to work with classroom teachers by designing effective creative session plans to identify and achieve targets that focus on student specific needs.


We are experienced, professional and reliable, with excellent time management, planning and organisational skills. We work with both struggling students and exceptional students, to identify and achieve student specific targets.


Our tutors have been successful with home tutoring: working with dyslexic students, difficult students and helping struggling students.



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